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July 6th, 2023

Are you ready to ride the EV wave? Insights from an EV bodyshop

The Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution is sweeping across the UK. As the number of EVs on the roads continues to rise, the opportunity for bodyshops specifically catering to EVs is seeing a surge. The question for those in the vehicle repair industry then becomes – are you ready to ride this wave of opportunity?

Take the example of EV Bodyshop in Enfield. This repair centre, launched by Adam Thurman and his team in June 2021, quickly established itself as a leader in the EV repair industry. By the end of that same year, it had earned Nissan GB approval, officially becoming the UK’s first ‘electric-only’ repairer for a vehicle manufacturer.

But how did the repairer get there, and what can you learn from its journey?

Choosing the right tech for the Job

One of the common tasks EV Bodyshop technicians frequently perform is Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibrations. For the uninitiated, correctly calibrating these systems is vital to ensure a vehicle can safely return to the road as quickly as possible. But how do you choose the right product to enable this?

Tooling has evolved to cater for EV repairs. Systems designed for Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles can’t be guaranteed to be fit for purpose.

“Our team uses up-to-date products designed for EVs for all our repairs,” Adam Thurman says. “These products allow us to perform pre-and post-repair scans, helping us understand any historic errors with the vehicle and clear any issues or errors caused by an accident or the repair process.”

EV Bodyshop chose our asTech products to meet its needs.

“An important factor is the access we have to IMI and ADAS trained technicians who use the latest software, which allows us to see all faults that other software is unable to deliver,” Thurman explains. “What we have access to will be an asset to the business because as ADAS systems evolve, so will the asTech technology we use.”

Enter lifts and jacks

Choosing the right technology is vital, but so too is having the right capital equipment. This is where lifts and jacks come in. With EVs typically being heavier than ICE vehicles, lifts that can handle this weight safely are essential.

Investing in specialist lifts and ensuring your technicians undergo the necessary training can open new job opportunities. A key tip is to ensure everyone on your team knows the maximum weight limits of your lifts. This can be achieved through regular reminders and signage in lift bays, helping to ensure a safe work environment.

Powering up your workshop

The rise of EVs also demands that repair centres rethink their power needs. Upgrading your electrical services to accommodate the power requirements of EV charger stations is an investment that’s well worth making. Does your workshop have sufficient power capacity?

On the flipside, properly discharging a vehicle’s high-voltage system is critical. High-voltage batteries, particularly those delivering 300 volts or more, can pose a lethal risk to technicians if the high-voltage system is not correctly disarmed. Not just that, the power generated by regenerative braking systems can be enough to pose a serious threat to a technician who is moving a damaged vehicle around the bodyshop. Are your Health and Safety procedures keeping pace?

A look at the asTech Digital ADAS Calibration Unit and Remote Diagnostic Device

Our asTech products help to identify and resolve diagnostic, electronic, and computer-related issues, improving shop and technician efficiency, controlling severity, and reducing loss of use, especially when allied with our Remote Diagnostic and Support services.

With the ADAS calibration market growing rapidly, investing in a Digital ADAS Calibration System is an investment in your shop’s future. Its versatility means you can combine it with the asTech All in One, enabling you to use OEM tools over the air. It is also quicker and easier to set up than other products, reducing key-to-key times and reducing human error. With our support and ongoing competency training for your team, you’ll be more than equipped to handle the demands of the evolving EV landscape.

So, are you ready to adapt and thrive in the face of change? As the story of EV Bodyshop and asTech solutions shows, the future of vehicle repair is already here, and it’s electric. Don’t get left behind – harness the potential of innovative technology and ensure you’re riding the crest of the EV wave.