What Is Remote Services?

Using our remote services to keep things ‘in house’

Repairify Remote Services help you run your workshop by putting you in control of jobs that commonly book into a main dealer or wait for a sub-contractor to arrive on site. By plugging your device into the vehicle and connecting to the internet, a member of our certified Technical Support Team can help complete any work which requires OEM tools whilst keeping the vehicle in your workshop.

Instead of waiting for up to a month at the dealerships, our team will guide you through the entire process. Once the tasks are completed, a full report is generated that can be emailed or embedded directly into the estimate.

With our devices, you’ll save valuable time for yourself and your customers. Our short lead times mean you’ll typically be able to diagnose, calibrate, or complete vehicle programming on the same day – reducing key-to-key times and improving customer experience.

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How We Help

Meet the Complete Solution

Our solution combines the benefit of local tools with the power of remote services. Ultimately, this flexibility allows you to complete most services in your shop, even if the vehicle is unavailable or doesn’t have the connection protocols.

Repairify Remote Services easily reduces customer key-to-key times, enabling you to complete the task in your workshop, reducing the overall number of vehicles sent to main dealers for diagnostics-related tasks. By helping save money on expensive OEM tools, it’s the perfect solution for multi-brand service centres and body shops.

The device can be plugged into any standard 16-pin OBD port, where our Remote Operator will connect to run the appropriate diagnostics. After a thorough and complete scan of the vehicle, we then use the power of real-time analytics against our immense database of vehicle information. Then, we’ll prescribe the most accurate and effective instructions to complete the required task (e.g. vehicle health check, pre- or post-event scan, program new components, ADAS calibrations, etc.).

Repairify is proud to offer a wide range of remote services such as:

  • Pre and Post Repair Scans and DTC Clear
  • ADAS Calibration of cameras and radars
  • Unlocking secure gateways
  • Programming
  • New headlights program/configure
  • Battery coding
  • Service reset
  • Airbag module coding
  • TPMS reset
  • AdBlue reset/coding
  • And MORE!

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Our Diagnostic Tools

With the ability to produce sharable and easy-to-understand reports, our powerful diagnostic tools assist automotive specialists and technicians with virtually any vehicle model to read/clear DTCs, and scan/read all modules. For anything outside the local capabilities of your device, Repairify Remote Services allows technicians to remotely connect and support you with access to OEM tools and equipment.


ADAS Calibrations

ADAS calibrations are crucial to ensuring a vehicle is in roadworthy shape and involves aligning any sensors or cameras in order to function as they should. A dynamic calibration process will require the technician to take the vehicle out for a drive, while a static calibration process uses specialist tools to calibrate the ADAS right there on the spot.

ADAS systems that may need calibrating are:

  • Forward collision warning
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Blind spot monitoring

Most calibrations can be carried out in your workshop using one of our Service Pad devices or our ADAS calibration kits. However, Repairify’s certified technicians are also available to assist remotely if needed for a specific calibration using OEM equipment.


Module Programming & Reprogramming

Typically, programming involves installing software into a module after that module has been replaced. Reprograming is when a module’s current operating software is changed in order to operate differently. These procedures will most often require you to access the secure gateway, which can only be achieved through OEM software. We provide you with remote access to this software, while trained specialists handle the work for you. This helps you avoid any lengthy wait times with dealerships, meaning shorter key-to-key times and higher vehicle turnaround rates for both you and your happy customers.

FAQ: Remote Services

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Our easy remote devices couldn’t be simpler to use:

There are two ways to connect your device to the internet. The first way is to plug an ethernet cable directly into your device from a network socket or router.

Alternatively, you can connect via WiFi. To do this, after powering on your device, click ‘Settings’ in the top right of the display. Then select ‘WLAN Settings.’ Select and connect to your network which is shown in the list.

1. To use our Remote Service, you will need to book an appointment, to do this, call us on 01923 882 392 or click here to book online.

2. At the time of your appointment, you will receive a phone call from one of our technicians. Prior to this, please ensure the vehicle is ready, make sure the following is complete:

– Vehicle connected to a Battery Support Unit.

– VCI is connected to internet and plugged into the vehicle.

– Ignition is turned on.

3. After you have plugged your VCI into your vehicle, tap ‘Yes’ on ‘Super Remote Diagnostics’

4. Wait for a member of the Support Team to call, and your Remote Session will begin!

To connect your VCI to the internet for remote services, plug an ethernet cable directly into your device from a network socket or router.

Alternatively, you can connect via WiFi. To do this, after powering on your device, click ‘Settings’ in the top right of the display. Then select ‘WLAN Settings’. Select and connect to your network which is shown in the list.

Preferably use the ethernet option as it is more reliable and faster.

Please see our pricing model:

· Pre Scan – £49.99

· Post Scan – £49.99

· Calibration – £99.95

· Calibration and Coding – £119.95

· Programming / Coding – £99.95

We can operate on almost any manufacturer and vehicle, to request the full breakdown of our coverage click here.

Yes. If the battery voltage of the vehicle drops too low during a remote session, then the module and vehicle can be damaged.

This exclusive service is included with the Service Pad Pro, and the asTech device.