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June 9th, 2022


3 March 2022             TEL:  07957 822641

Repairify invests in IMI ADAS and EV training commitment

Aligning with one of its core strategic pillars to commit to lifelong learning and continuous improvement, Repairify UK Limited has invested in IMI ADAS and EV training programmes for all its employees and technicians. This should ensure the company is leading the field in ADAS calibration services, providing confidence to repair shops, and developing potential new revenue opportunities to help grow their businesses.

All technical staff members have achieved IMI ADAS AOM230 certification, which enables them to identify and correctly interpret information relating to a specific vehicle and its ADAS features to determine which method of calibration is required.

In addition, asTech’s Master Technicians will qualify in the IMI Level 3 Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (EV) training programme. The EV training delivered health & safety procedures and how to deal with current EV installed technology, mishandled batteries, and battery fires as well as the importance of safely disconnecting the battery before the vehicle is safe to be worked on, how the batteries are manufactured, and how a hybrid system operates.

The REVAMP trainers were impressed with Repairify Europe’s UK headquarters and training facilities in Peterlee. The IMI certifiers acknowledged the contribution of the asTech and Red EU remote scanning technology to the training and development of the vehicle repair network in calibrating ADAS on vehicles correctly, so they are returned safely to the road as quickly as possible, minimising key to key times. …/

Paul Cunningham, head of operations for the UK, says, “Our strategic commitment is to ensure our staff benefit from continuous professional development. As a result, our employees and technicians are keen to learn new technologies and keep certification up to date, ensuring they are aware of safe working practices. The qualifications enable our Master Technicians to speak with confidence and authority and lead with relevant EV questions and safe handling practices when dealing with remote sessions on applicable vehicles. This opens up new opportunities and revenue streams for our customers, as our staff have a thorough understanding of EV and can offer them comprehensive support and guidance to repairing EV and hybrid vehicles.”

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